Mandates/Functions and Strategic Objectives

  1. Coordinating the implementation of annual planning and budget cycle as contained in the State Budget Calendar. This includes among others:
    • Preparation of Medium Term Expenditure Framework [MTEF] including Economic & Fiscal Updates, Fiscal Strategy Paper and Budget Policy Statements;
    • Preparation of sectoral resource envelops and budget ceilings for the annual budget preparation;
    • Preparation of Medium Term Sector Plans (MTSS and MTEP as the case may be);
    • Preparation of annual budget culminating in the draft Appropriation Bill submitted to the House of Assembly annually;
  2. Monitor and report on the performance of budget implementation and recommend strategies for improved/sustainable performance and effectiveness. This may be on quarterly and or bi-annual basis and involves continuous collection, collation and analysis of returns on budget [expenditure and revenue] performance from MDAs and key PFM agencies (Treasury, Due Process Bureau and Revenue Board]
  3. Issuance of Financial Warrants;
  4. Coordination of entire economic development and planning processes in the state particularly as with regards to the preparation of State Development Policy Documents, Development Sectoral Policies as well as other derived sectoral medium-term plans;
  5. Coordination and Monitoring of Millennium Development Goals initiatives in the State and that integration of that into State Economic Planning Framework. This also includes coordinating/overseeing the implementation of MDGs Conditional Grants Scheme [State and Local Government Tracks] jointly funded with the Federal Government;
  6. Aid Management and Donor Coordination
  7. Statistics and Monitoring & Evaluation [M & E ] functions including collection, collation and dissemination of Statistical Data, undertaking Sector Performance Evaluation, undertaking periodic socioeconomic / Statistical Surveys, etc.